Thursday, February 26, 2009

Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly

Okay... some of you might be thinking YUCK... but Oh My... it's delicious!!! I gave out several jars at Christmas and haven't heard any feedback... so I'm waiting. Please tell me you've at least TRIED it!! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Little Models:

Playing dress up. Wearing costumes they wore YEARS AGO.... (obvious due to camel toes).. But they like to dress up....

And Ms. R has chosen a red gown with faux albino leopard trim. Choosing to make her mark in the fashion industry, she has chosen to go without hose OR shoes. Perhaps starting a new trend.

Ms. K on the other hand, has chosen a spring-time polka dot frock with non-matching accessorizing winter tights, perhaps she too is hoping to set new standards for the 8 year old wardrobe.

The evidence....

Yup. It's for sure now. She's just like her mama. LOL! Brownie's.. cooked or raw. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, did I mention Shy Guy moved out Sunday?

Yep. It's been in the works for months & months.

He's still coming over every day for something or other. BUT... he took his puppy with him. :)

He's already got roommates. His girlfriend & a girl "friend" of hers. And here I was looking forward to hearing how much he liked to do dishes. *sigh*

Wall Color!

Well, since things are finally happening, I had to pick out wall colors YEAH!

DH wants white. White everywhere.. well, that wasn't happening. LOL!

I have picked out ACE paint colors.

Classic Oat... this will go on the walls in the formal living room, family room, hallway, dining room & kitchen .. oh, and down the stairs to the basement.

Accent walls.. I am doing a Dried Tomato in the formal living room and Tahoe green in the family room upstairs.

I am UNDECIDED on the hall bathroom.

I still haven't figured out the bedrooms yet either. Hmph.

The girls are moving downstairs... one of the bedrooms down there will be theirs, the other will be their playroom/tv room.

That leaves the master upstairs & 2 guest rooms upstairs to be done. Also, my master bath. But I think that to match the tile in there, it will ge a light brown as well.

So, any suggestions would be great!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shy guys new dog.

So, somehow he got this dog. Per the story... a friend of Shy guys girlfriend got kicked out of her apartment and she couldn't keep the dog. I now know why she got kicked out.

Although she is REALLY sweet... she is a puppy. She isn't potty trained. She is teething. She hasn't f igured out the cat's actually rule the house. (she's learning though!).

I am a bit concerned that he's moving out soon... and this poor girl is going to sit outside, alone, for 10-12 hours per day. Shy guy will be lucky to be able to afford his own food, much less Bella's. Not to mention vet bills. She hasn't had her shots yet either.

And, already Rasssbo and I are 24/7 babysitters. I'd say Shy Guy spends about 15-30 minutes per day with Bella. That's it. He gets up... doesn't check on her first, he gets in the shower. It's almost 8am before he comes to check on her. He works 10-11 hours, comes home, takes another shower and goes out with friends. Where is Bella? Hmmmm... where do you think? With us. As we pick up her "piles" and soak up her "wee".

Oh... and lets not forget she is a PUPPY... who CHEWS. See picture for evidence....

I just KNOW she is going to end up a permanent member of the family. But darnit! I wanted a SMALL dog next time. BOOHOO. :(

Names for the family.

For privacy, I need to use names for the family.

Husband will be.... Rasssbo (of course)
Bio-son will be...... Lifter (he lifts weights ALL the time!)
Step-Son will be.... Shy guy. (sweet & quiet)
Daughter (8) will be... Princess (social and more of a follower)
Daughter (6) will be... Queen (Definitely leader material)

Daughter (6) is Queen because when she was 4 her sister was bragging she was a "Princess" and Daughter 6 didn't seem to care. I asked her... "Don't you want to be a princess?" She said.. "Why? I'm already the QUEEN!". LOL.

That's my Queen... she is just like her mama.

Husband Info...

1. Husband's name: Rasssbo... what else? LOL!

2. How long have you been married? Which time? Lets see... First time since Nov. 1995; Second time, Nov. 1999. So... Starting from the first, it's been 13 years or 10 years. Long story. :)

3. How long did you date? 1 1/2 years (June 94-Nov 95)

4. How old is he? He's soon to qualify for AARP. In July. LOL!

5. Who eats more sweets? That's a tough one. I go for more chocolate... he goes for more ice cream & other junkish type sweets. However, give me some choc chip cookie dough and I'm a goner!

6. Who is the better singer? Both of us are terrible. Well, I guess he is. I've never heard him sing. LOL!

7. Who is smarter? Depends on the topic. He's very knowledgeable about yard work, construction, politics and most financial stuff. I'm better at medical, sick kids, decorating, and legal issues.

8. Who does the laundry? He does 99% of it. Hey, I work 6 days a week most weeks and he works 1-2.

9. Who pays the bills? He does. We have our own checkbooks, he keeps track of both, pays bills out of both and all I require is that he make sure I have plenty of $$ in mine. LOL!

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Like, when you are looking at it or in it? If it's looking at it, He does. In it, I am on the right side. Why? Because the nightstand is on my side. I need my lamp & alarm clock. :)

11. Who mows the lawn? He does. He's the King of yardwork. We have a landscaper who lives next to us, and we have had her clients show up at our house thinking we must be her house! LOL. That really makes him feel good.

12. Who cooks dinner? Pizza Hut. No, just kidding. I would say he cooks more than me, but then again... I work more.

13. Who drives? We have our own vehicles. I have a new Nissan Murano & he has his F-150. We also have the extra car, a minivan. If we go out of town, he drives. Mostly.

14. Who is the first to say they are wrong? I wouldn't say either of us actually say we are "wrong". We both admit when we are.... but generally we agree to disagree on things.

15. Who kissed who first? Geesh... that was a long time ago! Most likely, I did.

16. Who asked who out first? He asked me out. I was actually out with a girlfriend waiting for my date to show up. I was trying to set my friend up with Rasssbo. He wasn't interested in her though... and he got my phone number. He called me the next day, we did lunch and that was that.

17. Who wears the pants? He pretends to. But he's pretty passive most of the time. I'm much more the assertive one. I am definitely the disciplinarian with the kids. He's such a sucker for a cute little girl batting her eyes at daddy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I promised... it's really true!

See.. it is FINALLY getting done!!!! Whee... Yahoo!!!! (dance with me!!!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Men... going shopping.

So, Saturday my hubby & I had plans to go shopping. With all the remodeling, we need to pick out some new light fixtures, bathroom stuff (showers, cabinets, toilets.. the works!) and also get me a new laptop and a few other items.

Friday night my back started hurting. By Sat morning, I couldn't walk upright. Obviously, I was NOT in any position to go shopping, right? So, after Katie had her basketball game, hubby went by himself.

Guess what he comes home with? Do you think it was ANYTHING on the list? Uhhhh, that would be a big negative!

He comes home with a surround sound system and a Nintendo DS for the girls to share. OMG... I almost fell over!

Remind me not to send him shopping if I can't go too.

My baby is sick!

My darling daughter, 6 years old is sick. Vomiting & fever. We are on day 2. Thank goodness for grandma... she saved the day today getting some Children's Motrin for her. THANK YOU MOM! Now, the trick is getting her to take it. She doesn't like the smell of it. She's usually a trooper about that stuff, but she feels so nauseated she's afraid it will make her sick if she drinks it. She will eat popsicles and drink water. That's it. Won't even try to eat a saltine or piece of toast.

Yeah, she just drank her Motrin!!! Cross your fingers her temp goes down!!

A small hissy.

Do you know someone, someone who thinks they walk on friggin water... and if you don't bow down to their every word they think when you do say something you are "passive-aggressive"?? People like this really piss me off. And I am anything BUT passive-aggressive. I'd say I'm more.. just.. aggressive. LOL! I don't mince words and I say what I mean. I also say what I think. Sometimes that isn't always good, but at least you know where you stand with me.

Okay, vent over!

Sorry I haven't been on lately!!

But.. I've been very busy and haven't had much computer access. We are finally getting our house painted, and EVERY ROOM upstairs (Family room, living room, dining room, kitchen, hall, hall bath, 3 bedrooms, utility room & all closets are getting the dingle ball ceilings taken down, sheetrock fixed in places, wallpaper stripped & will get new textured ceilings and new paint on EVERY wall upstairs!!! YAHOOOO!!!!

Will post pics when I get my new laptop... currently using my hubbies!