Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Blizzard Pictures

This is a view right out side the garage door. It's my front yard!

Another garage view. My Van. It's not going anywhere anytime soon!

My darling husband shoveling behind his truck. It's 4WD so he thinks he can get us somewhere if he can get it out. He did eventually get the driveway mostly clear (behind his truck), but the road is only 1 lane right now and you still have to drive in a foot of snow.

Are you thinking this may be more than 28 inches? Me too! Even in the field across the street it measures more! YIKES.

Kansas Blizzard

The above is the girls sledding in the back yard. You have to realize, our back yard is normally FLAT... but there is a huge 5-6 foot drift they are playing on. And that's one of the small drifts.

This was taken Friday morning, right before the storm hit. Notice the green grass, just a trace of snow up agains the edges of the driveway.

This is out our garage door and a picture of our neighbors drift on their house. I can't get to an area where I can take outside pics of our house! LOL!

This is also a drift of our neighbors house, it's up to their roof.

And this is a picture 24 hours later out our front door. You have to compare this to the one I took yesterday morning, posted above.

They say we got 28 inches. But if we measure in areas that aren't drifted, it's 36-44" all over.

We have 4-5 foot drifts all across our front yard. 4 feet of snow all down the alley.

Duane's been trying to shovel snow out of the driveway so we can get his truck out... to no avail. The drifts behind the truck are up to 5 feet high and is at least 10 feet out to the street.

Our street did get somewhat cleared today as an ambulance followed the grater.

The girls are loving it... although they are frozen when they come in. We have tons of wet clothes and towels... Duane had to go out and dig out the vent from the dryer. The last thing we need is a fire or overheated dryer!

I know my mom & sister are in the same boat as I am...

We did stock up on beer, spicy hot V-8, milk, bread and other necessities!

I am supposed to work tomorrow at our Hospice House, but I don't think I can get there. Even if we can get out of the driveway, I don't think we can get to where it is.