Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Blizzard Pictures

This is a view right out side the garage door. It's my front yard!

Another garage view. My Van. It's not going anywhere anytime soon!

My darling husband shoveling behind his truck. It's 4WD so he thinks he can get us somewhere if he can get it out. He did eventually get the driveway mostly clear (behind his truck), but the road is only 1 lane right now and you still have to drive in a foot of snow.

Are you thinking this may be more than 28 inches? Me too! Even in the field across the street it measures more! YIKES.


hermomsometimes said...

Why do men think they have to dig out their trucks. Like they are going some where, ha! Your Dad is outside doing the same thing. You know he really shouldn't be doing that but you can't tell him anything. By tomorrow alot will be melted off, don't you think.

We have a big pot of stew I made yesterday. There is plenty of everything else so no need to go anywhere.

Ya'll do have a bunch of snow!

Nosonew said...

We took a drive around... everything is closed except Dillons. LOL. Hwy 61 is one lane going north out of town. The other side of the highway you can't even see, much less drive on. Most of the emergency route streets are terrible, all one lane. Hwy 54 in town is 2 lane. Main street is 2 lane. Most streets are impassable.

ChiefChick said...

Wow! I don't ever remember getting that much snow! We are in Winter Park and it has snowed every day.
You think the husband and kids would be up for a trip to their Florida home shortly?? :)