Monday, December 15, 2008

H = Home

I have a nice home. However, when we did look at it, initially considering buying it, Duane was like.. "Yeah, well, it's perfect, BUT (always has to say that "b" word) BUT... I KNOW you will want all new this and that (blah, blah)... so, to COMPROMISE I told him.. "Nope, no new furniture for FIVE years. But after that...yep". Well, I have compromised for over 5 years. Well over 5 years. Kaitlyn was less than a year old when we moved in, she's EIGHT now. I think it's MY time to do for our home what I think is best.

It's difficult dealing with a man who thinks white walls are "all that". I think I have FINALLY, after over a year of "verbage", have convinced him it's not "all that".

We are supposed to get some bids on interior painting.. considering the ENTIRE house needs painted inside, it's apparently more than he wants to tackle. Myself, I'd try to tackle it, but I have severe tendonitis to my R wrist, elbow & shoulder. The last time I did repetitive motion it was almost 10 months before I could move those 3 joints without pain. So... I know I can't do it. SUCKS.

So, when we do get to get this started, which I KNOW will likely be February at least, I'll be sure to take before & after pics. Wish me luck!!!


ChiefChick said...

I am SO glad the people we bought our house from had the same taste in decorating as us (so I haven't had to do much). However, the OUTSIDE of our house needs painting. I think I am going to get estimates, rather than do it ourselves.

brneyedgal967 said...

Ugh - although I love painting, I agonize over the paint color. I painted half of the laundry room before I decided that the blue I got isn't the blue I wanted. It's baby boy nursery blue - at least that's what it looks like to me. I think I finally found a blue I like - it's calmer - and after Christmas I'll paint it the new blue. But then there's the dining room, living room and bathroom that need done...