Saturday, December 20, 2008

J= Candy!

Yep... Candy, Cookies, Candy, Cookies. I have been doing it ALL DAY. I have so much to make, I will be doing it all day tomorrow too! I'll post some pictures when I'm done. I have 21 plates to do for pharmacies & doctors offices and I will have tons left over for the family get together.

Haystacks, many different kinds of dipped pretzels (including cherry flavored!), choc covered cherries, chocolate almonds, walnuts & pecans, coconut & chocolate things, hard candy in watermelon & cherry flavors, and several other surprises.

My back is killing me. EEK. Otherwise, I have almost all the presents wrapped, and I drew Tammy's name.. I think she's going to LOVE it. Duane drew Dan's name, I am HOPING he loves his. I found some great stuff for many of the kids, some of the older ones got gifts, some get money.

Oh, and my very part time hospice job sent me a 50.00 bill today for Christmas! Didn't expect it, so it's just icing on the cake!

Guess I better get back to it... have TONS to do still! And Duane is planning on shampooing carpets tomorrow, putting up Xmas boxes that are still out from decorating and hopefully he can hook up with a guy selling some oak firewood... I am almost out and we need some for Christmas Eve & Day for sure! It's going to be a cold one... and I LOVE a fire!