Thursday, December 18, 2008

I = Inlaws

Why are they called In-laws? That sounds too much like Out-Laws. LOL! Of course, we have had a few of those in our family haven't we? LOL!

Well, my Mother-In-Law(MIL) & Father-In-Law(FIL) are both really nice people. He's a mortician (giggle) and she used to teach Kindermusic (piano for little people). They are both very big in their Church and don't drink, cuss, smoke or do other things that my family considers a part of normal life.

The girls take piano lessons from MIL now... and the boys did when they were younger. The boys didn't like it very much. Apparently, MIL didn't enjoy trying to teach them either. When the girls got old enough to start, we ended up with a piano so they could practice at home. LOL. I still need to find a good place for that.

Then there are the Sister-in-Laws and Brother-in-Laws. And I've had a few of those. They change over the years... mostly upgrades. LOL!

Oldest sis is married to Dan.. he's a really nice guy. He doesn't have many vices, and one thing I find funny is he likes to "people watch"... especially at our big family gatherings when there are 20+ people running around, kids running amok, 60+ year olds sledding down basement stairs, etc. You get the picture. I guess he must find this fascinating. I have fun watching him watch us. LOL! His expressions are priceless!

3rd Sis has a great guy too. He's Harley Dude and he treats her like a Queen. Or at least she wants us to think she sits on a throne all day eating bon-bons. He's very considerate and is making some major brownie points with the parents by doing manual labor and building & fixing up things at their house.

4th Sis has a nice guy too. He's tall, dark & handsome. We haven't been able to get to know him quite as well as the others, because distance prevents that. But, he does have a great personality and I know whenever I've talked to him on the phone or in person, we can chat up a storm!

#1 brother is married to a FANTASTIC gal... who is actually more of a sister than sister-in-law. She's a great person, great wife & great mother... and couldn't be more a part of this family if she had been born to it.

Now, it wouldn't be fair to my sisters to exclude talking about THEIR #2 BIL (my own Rasssbo). Let me describe him: A very good father, a great provider, very stubborn, a male-chauvinist wanna-be (and CAN be), great with yard-work, can build anything although not so great with mechanics (aka: get your oil changed at the oil change place!), and is a do-er. He can have a mouth on him when he's in a bad mood, can be abrasive, and sometimes doesn't know when to stop when he's gotten started on something. He's also extremely giving. Like, if the kindergarten teacher makes a comment they are 3-4 books short for their book exchange for Christmas, he will run out and get the books they need so no child is left out. That's just a recent example, but he does stuff like that all the time. He's terrible at discipline with the kids... they walk all over him, but perhaps that's because from the day the girls were born, if they woke up at night, he was the first one up... telling me I could stay in bed and he would get them. Why you might ask? Well, I asked him too. He was afraid he might miss their first smile, giggle, fart or anything else. He said, "They don't know it's 2am.. what if she smiles for the first time? Or... Talks for the first time?... or rolls over for the first time?" He didn't want to miss anything. So, as much as he can drive me absolutely insane sometimes, the pro's do outweigh the con's. And if they ever don't... I'll just stick around to make his like more interesting

So... that's it. The In-Law post.

Well, we have the Rasssbo side... but as I was always taught.. "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". ZIPLIP.


numberonesistah said... lip hmm? Dan does love to people watch at our gathering. He says that it is "interesting to see the various stages of inebriation!" LMAO!! At least I always have a designated driver!

herMomsometimes said...

Believe it or not I have always liked Razz. He can make me mad but when he does he usually knows it.
He is a good Dad and bread maker. I love his bread.