Tuesday, November 25, 2008

C = Children

The above are my girls.. Rachel on the left, Kaitlyn on the right. They rarely dress up like this, but when they do, they ham it up. Aren't they cute?

This is how they normally l ook... wearing odd things on their heads and playing around like they are kids. Imagine that!
Rachel went thru a bunny phase. Hopping and growing long ears. She's just recently gotten over it.

Brandon is above with his best friend from Kindergarten, Erica. They've never dated, but still hang out.

And the above is Jake. He's being silly here and playing around with the girls.

So... those are my kids. And they are wonderful. And they keep me young. AND they give me gray hairs! (all of which I promptly pull out as SOON as I see one!).

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ChiefChick said...

God, I remember when Brandon was what 3?? And you brought him over to Dane's moms house. It was then that I knew someday I wanted a son, and I hoped he would be as great a kid as Brandon. Luckily, it happened! Even though Z is a surly teenager now..:)