Sunday, November 30, 2008


Anyone who truly knows me, knows how much I value friendship. I am a very loyal friend. Very. And I am lucky to have many wonderful friends.

I have one really good friend that still lives where I live. The rest have "flown the coop" so to speak. My best friend Lisa.. she left in the mid 1980's for Florida of all places! I still remember when she called me...

Lisa: Kelly! O M G!! You will NOT believe what my taxes were on my car!
Kelly: Oh no! Florida must be VERY expensive! ((teeth chatter scared!))
Lisa: Oh, just guess!
Kelly: 400 bucks? 350?
Lisa: 2650.
Kelly: Two thousand? OMG.. thats...
Lisa: No.. 26.50. TWENTY SIX. Dollars.
Kelly: NO WAY!
Lisa: yep.. NO personal property taxes in Florida!

That was a long time ago... but I remember it like yesterday. Of course, Lisa and I are like that. We could go 2 years without talking, and when we talked... it was like we talked yesterday. I love her like a sister.. always have, always will.

I have other very good friends. Some I have lost touch with... but I will always consider them my very good friend.

Some, I talk to frequently. One I talk to and she drives me crazy with broken promises! Oh well, I guess everyone can't be perfect. Of course, if I promise to see someone when I'm in their town, I damn well follow thru or at the very least, would call and explain why I couldn't. Ahem, if you are reading this, you know who YOU are.

Of course, my sisters are my friends too. I know I can tell them MOST anything. I think I've gotten closer to them in the past 10 years... and would probably be even closer if my husband wasn't such a dickhead. LOL.

Okay... that's it. Cheers to good friends!

True Friends are like Diamonds,
Precious & Rare.
False friends are like Autumn Leaves,
Scattered everywhere.


brneyedgal967 said...

So true - Sisters & Sistahs. So glad we have the Sistah retreat every year to relax and reconnect. What do you mean you'd be closer to your sister's if you husband wasn't such a dickhead? You have a vehicle - and you and your children are welcome here ANY TIME.

ChiefChick said...

I can't believe you remember that! I just renewed my tags, by the way, (for two years) - cost $89. But my property taxes and homeowners are so high it makes me want to barf. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!! :)