Sunday, November 30, 2008

E = Ego

ego·tism           Listen to the pronunciation of egotism
\ˈē-gə-ˌti-zəm also ˈe-\
Latin ego + English -tism (as in idiotism)
1 a: excessive use of the first person singular personal pronoun b: the practice of talking about oneself too much2: an exaggerated sense of self-importance : conceit — compare egoism 2
ego·tist           Listen to the pronunciation of egotist \-tist\ noun
ego·tis·tic           Listen to the pronunciation of egotistic \ˌē-gə-ˈtis-tik also ˌe-\ or ego·tis·ti·cal           Listen to the pronunciation of egotistical \-ˈtis-ti-kəl\ adjective
ego·tis·ti·cal·ly           Listen to the pronunciation of egotistically           Listen to the pronunciation of egotistically \-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Egotistic. Yep, that's my husband alright. I love the above where it is aka "Idiotism" as I am sure my sister Tammy can attest.

Although my husband has many positive qualities, he doesn't show those in public much. As frustrating as it is for me, I have to deal with his egocentric ways and deal with the backlash of what that does to other people.

I am sure there is a word out there for how he is. His male chauvanist wanna-be type ways. He has NO problem with me working my ass off, bringing home a big paycheck, but in the next breath has no problem letting me know "I don't know .... " whatever it is we are talking about. I'd like to bang my head into the wall sometimes.

I'd give him a link to my blog, but he'd never read it all. Sort of like not reading the letters from insurance about changes, letters from other important, life-altering things like that. Sort of like asking for directions when you are lost. He's beyond that. He already knows it all. So, why read? (banging head into wall!)


brneyedgal967 said...





Since I have nothing nice to say about your husband, I'll say nothing at all.

ChiefChick said...

How is it that I have TOTALLY mangaed to not see him act like this? I mean, I have spent a pretty good amount of time around him over the years - WTF?