Monday, February 16, 2009

Shy guys new dog.

So, somehow he got this dog. Per the story... a friend of Shy guys girlfriend got kicked out of her apartment and she couldn't keep the dog. I now know why she got kicked out.

Although she is REALLY sweet... she is a puppy. She isn't potty trained. She is teething. She hasn't f igured out the cat's actually rule the house. (she's learning though!).

I am a bit concerned that he's moving out soon... and this poor girl is going to sit outside, alone, for 10-12 hours per day. Shy guy will be lucky to be able to afford his own food, much less Bella's. Not to mention vet bills. She hasn't had her shots yet either.

And, already Rasssbo and I are 24/7 babysitters. I'd say Shy Guy spends about 15-30 minutes per day with Bella. That's it. He gets up... doesn't check on her first, he gets in the shower. It's almost 8am before he comes to check on her. He works 10-11 hours, comes home, takes another shower and goes out with friends. Where is Bella? Hmmmm... where do you think? With us. As we pick up her "piles" and soak up her "wee".

Oh... and lets not forget she is a PUPPY... who CHEWS. See picture for evidence....

I just KNOW she is going to end up a permanent member of the family. But darnit! I wanted a SMALL dog next time. BOOHOO. :(

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numberonesistah said...

What kind of dog is she? And yep, you know you've already inherited her.