Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wall Color!

Well, since things are finally happening, I had to pick out wall colors YEAH!

DH wants white. White everywhere.. well, that wasn't happening. LOL!

I have picked out ACE paint colors.

Classic Oat... this will go on the walls in the formal living room, family room, hallway, dining room & kitchen .. oh, and down the stairs to the basement.

Accent walls.. I am doing a Dried Tomato in the formal living room and Tahoe green in the family room upstairs.

I am UNDECIDED on the hall bathroom.

I still haven't figured out the bedrooms yet either. Hmph.

The girls are moving downstairs... one of the bedrooms down there will be theirs, the other will be their playroom/tv room.

That leaves the master upstairs & 2 guest rooms upstairs to be done. Also, my master bath. But I think that to match the tile in there, it will ge a light brown as well.

So, any suggestions would be great!!!


numberonesistah said...

I think you need to organize a wine and beer party with as many women as you can and we all drink and brainstorm and drink some more and come up with ideas and drink and laugh and drink...well, you get the idea.

brneyedgal967 said...

Hey - I've got paint leftover... actually almost a full gallon of a really pretty blue that would be enough to do a small bedroom or a bathroom. I hate wasting paint... but I'm running out of rooms.